Aesthetic #postadaypost






  1. 1.

    concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

    “the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure”



    a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.  

    This guitar is probably one of the most aesthetic creations in the history of the universe. I took this picture here……

    The rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland Ohio…..

    Walking up to this very aesthetic building you have NO CLUE what to expect as far as aesthetics. My mind was aesthetically blown over and over again….

    This. THIS picture. Although the handsome devil here has a certain aesthetic awesomeness the guitar here brought me to my knees. I cried. After composing myself I took this selfie. 4 inches from JIMI F!%$ING HENDRIX’S classic strat. 
    When something is so aesthetically amazing it feels like a religious experience… I truly was then “experienced”. The energy pouring off this aesthetic MASTERPIECE is like talking to whatever god you care to pray to. 
    I want everyone to look into their heart and decide. Decide what it is that MOVES you. Whatever that may be WILLBE without a doubt aesthetic in every way possible. 


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