T.V. snow a.k.a. visual snow 

Do you see what I see? The short t.v.snow effect that permeates your entire field of vision? 

As defined by a quick Google search….
Visual snow (VS) is the persistingvisual symptom of seeing snow or television-like static across their visualfield. The snow and static tends to be worse in the dark, but can be seen in all lighting conditions. VS should not be confused with normal entoptic phenomena or vitreous floaters.

This is not nearly a cool enough explanation for me. 

I think of it like this….

The only place I’ve seen this type of visual effect is on a t.v.  A sort of unscrambled signal of electrical impulses. So why then should I think any different when I see it in my own fields of vision? Could it be the “packet loss” of a signal that is broadcasting your very consciousness?  
Right behind your eyes,the t.v. screen of you,sits your true self perhaps. Human? Maybe… probably so. Artificial intelligence stimulating what it “thinks” it’s makers felt like? Now that’s a interesting thought…. your reality Is actually what a machine interprets what consciousness seems like. Never fully grasping the embodiment of self . The visual snow is the left over computer language having failed to interpret reality. 


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