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  1. 1.

    concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

    “the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure”



    a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.  

    This guitar is probably one of the most aesthetic creations in the history of the universe. I took this picture here……

    The rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland Ohio…..

    Walking up to this very aesthetic building you have NO CLUE what to expect as far as aesthetics. My mind was aesthetically blown over and over again….

    This. THIS picture. Although the handsome devil here has a certain aesthetic awesomeness the guitar here brought me to my knees. I cried. After composing myself I took this selfie. 4 inches from JIMI F!%$ING HENDRIX’S classic strat. 
    When something is so aesthetically amazing it feels like a religious experience… I truly was then “experienced”. The energy pouring off this aesthetic MASTERPIECE is like talking to whatever god you care to pray to. 
    I want everyone to look into their heart and decide. Decide what it is that MOVES you. Whatever that may be WILLBE without a doubt aesthetic in every way possible. 


    via Daily Prompt: Unseen

    Unseen and tucked away – put my troubles off for one more day…

    No no no,I don’t want to say….

    I’ll bury it deep so unseen – the fires it burns

    No no no,I don’t want to play….

    The past can never be unseen – I can never be free

    No no no,I don’t look at the light

    Blinded by a ray of hope – unseen is my world

    No no no,I don’t want to die

    Knots still make stretched necks – unseen is my best bet

    No no no,still I’m unseen

    Live your life and love the dream – there’s always someone watching

    yes I walk unseen

    Yes I will remain

    Yes yes yes I walk among the unseen


    Mustard and other things im not wrong on

    Mustard…..yellow sauce of death. I don’t remember being born or getting my diapers changed or even the whole “potty training” saga of ’83. I do remember the first time I ever vomited from eating mustard. July the 4th . 1986. My birthday. MY MY MY Birthday. Not this great land of ours but MINE. The bright yellow tang of my retched hatred at first looked almost damn feative. Grinning ear to ear watching the entire world (as far as I knew) laughing and have a BLAST. My mom….my own blood mother handed me a hotdog covered in this yellow festival of nightmares. Not even asking I take a huge bite. In a wor….DUMB. In two words….DUMB …. and DUMB. Instantly I cough. Can’t breath. My stomach convulsing I throw the hotdog randomly (more on this later)



    Being Cherokee I can appreciate “specific”.  I’m referred to as a Indian and why? Well… some brilliantly not specific white guy back in 1492 THOUGHT he specifically sailed from Portugal to India. #1 dumb thing this specific guy did. He sailed across the Atlantic and upon coming ashore he HAD TO SEE THERE WAS ALREADY PEOPLE HERE . So specific guy was like “I found this specific place and you must be the Indians we’ve heard so much about.” This one specific Indian was like “what he mean found my specific beach?” And went to go ask specific white guy that was obviously their chief….




    T.V. snow a.k.a. visual snow 

    Do you see what I see? The short t.v.snow effect that permeates your entire field of vision? 

    As defined by a quick Google search….
    Visual snow (VS) is the persistingvisual symptom of seeing snow or television-like static across their visualfield. The snow and static tends to be worse in the dark, but can be seen in all lighting conditions. VS should not be confused with normal entoptic phenomena or vitreous floaters.

    This is not nearly a cool enough explanation for me. 

    I think of it like this….

    The only place I’ve seen this type of visual effect is on a t.v.  A sort of unscrambled signal of electrical impulses. So why then should I think any different when I see it in my own fields of vision? Could it be the “packet loss” of a signal that is broadcasting your very consciousness?  
    Right behind your eyes,the t.v. screen of you,sits your true self perhaps. Human? Maybe… probably so. Artificial intelligence stimulating what it “thinks” it’s makers felt like? Now that’s a interesting thought…. your reality Is actually what a machine interprets what consciousness seems like. Never fully grasping the embodiment of self . The visual snow is the left over computer language having failed to interpret reality.